2016 SKA Nationals Phillip Island images by Jim Jones from Jamar Imaging

Again Jim Jones has attended our Phillip Island Round and has some truly fine images of Superkart Racing and SKA Pit Shots available on his Jamar Imaging Race Photos. Please enjoy and order any images you want from Jim direct.  

An email note from Jim:

You can view a selection of these "Sooper Dooper Superkarts" images on my web site,  http://www.jamarimaging.net/shannons-nationals1.html .

Just use the link or go to my website and the Phillip Island tab and scroll down to Shannons Nationals, also there is some pit shots, and some neat out-grid shots too. We pretty much have pics of every Superkart on file. "The best way for me is for you guys to drop me an email to my email address via jimazz@optusnet.com.au about your images of interest and I can retrieve the images that you want and I will send them in the format you desire."



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