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*** 2018 National Series dates ***

R2 Sydney Motorsport Park: 3rd/4th November.

Rd1 points and report updated.

"Karting is definitely the best form of racing," he tells Tim Blair sounding wistful. "It's the rawest form of motor racing by far." - Lewis Hamilton Interview 2017 Formula One pre-season testing Barcelona (Read the full interview Here).

Superkarting is an exhilarating and high performance form of motor racing.  Likened to a miniature Formula1 or a GP Bike with four wheels, the Superkart is not a hybrid of racing car and go-kart, it is a purpose-built race vehicle in its own right. With average power to weight ratio of 2.9, Superkarts hold outright lap records at many race tracks world-wide. Superkarting is a high performance, affordable motor sport. Sensation to cost is second to no other form of motor racing. Ayrton Senna responded when asked about his most satisfying races “it was in karting, and it was pure driving,..pure racing”.

With classes for 6 speed 250cc, 125cc GP motorcycle engines, and RM125cc non-gearbox, most fitted with 4 wheel disk brakes, full bodywork with rear wing - Superkarting is not an entry to motor sport, it is a progression to a more dynamic and affordable form of motor sport for many sprint karters, motorbike and car racers.

With a low centre of gravity and high power to weight, superkarts are responsive to small adjustments. One thing that makes the racing experience so exciting is that you feel like you're part of the superkart. Superkart races are held at the premier motorsport circuits throughout Australia as well as in Europe,the UK and North America. Age and gender are no barrier in superkart racing - aspiring young talented drivers hone their long circuit and gear changing skills here, and superkarting often has fathers and sons racing together.


Superkarts Australia Pty Ltd (SKA) has full Affiliation with CAMS Ltd and conducts Nationals style Superkart race events at championship standard race circuits with high profile motorsport events. To find out more about the SKA structure see FAQs. If you have any queries about becoming started in the vibrant and exciting sport of superkarting, the best move is to contact a local state club nearest you via a link below.


Superkart Club of NSW

Victorian Superkart Club

Queensland Superkart Club

Adelaide Superkart Club

Western Australia Superkart Club

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